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Jul 22, 2012 01:33 PM

Entertaining a picky foodie from New York

I am a hosting a very particular foodie this week from New York. He pretty much eats the following:

Burgers (plain)
Pizza (cheese pizza only)
Chicken (nothing fancy in the way of sauces)
Dry Turkey sandwiches
vanilla ice cream
cherry turnovers
apple pie
donuts (plain donuts glazed)

As you can imagine given his limited choices he has a very discerning palette regarding the items he does eat. My question for you all, what options are available in LA that will be better, or at least rival, his New York options given his restrictions? Price is not a factor, location can be anywhere in the LA/Orange County area.

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  1. given that list,
    somehow or other, i find it hard to believe that this person is really a "foodie." i do believe, though, that he may be picky.

    that said, for one of the items: if milo and olive or huckleberry is carrying an apple pie when he is here, that would surely satisfy any real foodie.
    also, for any real foodie, i'd avoid the apple pie that victor benes carrys at gelsons.

    for dry turkey sandwiches, if the "foodie" can stomach having the sandwich made with jewish rye bread, either nate 'n al's in beverly hills or brents in the sf valley should work.

    1. For steak you might consider Park's BBQ, some of the best cuts of beef cooked at your table with great Korean flavors. Great service too.

      Good AYCE Brazilian steaks and a wonderful salad bar at Fogo de Chao in Beverly Hills.

      Since you said price is not a factor you might want to check out Wolfgang Puck's Cut in Beverly Hills for Steaks. Expensive.

      They have a very tasty free range roasted chicken at Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica (they also make a great burger).

      or good roasted fast food chicken at Zankou. Numerous locations.

      One of my favorite burgers in Los Angeles is at The Golden State on Fairfax Blvd. Made with Harris Ranch beef and they will make it any way you'd like it including plain.

      For your dry turkey sandwich Bay Cities Italian Deli carries may types of turkey including Maple Turkey, Mesquite, Turkey Pastrami, Pepper, Roasted and Sausalito (turkey breast coated with a blend of jalapeƱo peppers, onions, cilantro and sun dried tomatotes.) all served on their wonderful fresh baked Italian Bread.

      They still hand carve fresh turkey for sandwiches to order at the last Koo Koo Roo on 20th & Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica.

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        For donuts Primos in West LA or Stan's in Westwood Village.

        Old fashion Vanilla Ice cream at Sweet Rose Creamery in Brentwood.

        Fresh Apple Pie at the Apple Pan.

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          1. Thanks folks. I understand that we may have a difference of opinion about the use of the word foodie. I suppose the definitional difference is contingent on whether one views being a foodie as requiring breadth or depth or both of food love.

            My friend is one of a kind, and dives deeper into the small class of food he loves than anyone I know. That, to me, qualifies as a foodie but your mileage may vary.

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              WRT chicken, may I suggest one of the following places: