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Jul 22, 2012 01:21 PM

Between College Park and Herndon

Hi, all. I recently moved to Herndon but haven't done much exploring outside the immediate area. My NY friends are taking their daughter on a college tour and will be in College Park on 7/29. We would like to meet for dinner somewhere mutually convenient, good, and not too expensive. Major cuisines of interest would be Chinese, Japanese, or Italian; other suggestions are welcome, but my friends don't eat Indian and I don't care for Ethiopian. Remember, too, we're all strangers to the area, so places that are pretty accessible to major roads would be appreciated. Thanks for the help!

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  1. If you don't want to make them drive a lot, meet them at Franklins in Hyattsville. It's a brewpub with pretty good food, and one of the better restaurants in PG county.

    If you want to split the difference, Bethesda is half-way-ish and you could do Olazzo for Italian or Hanaro for Japanese.

    1. East Pearl is a great new chinese restaurant in Rockville

      1. Joe's Noodle House. Both will be slightly frustrated with the drive (you more than they) but the food will more than make up for it. Search the board to find voluminous recs on it.

        1. There is also a new Busboys and Poets in Hyattsville. But if you are looking for someplace truly in between Herndon and College Park, Bethesda and Rockville is where you should be shooting for.

          Frankly, I think both parties should come into DC and eat in the city. If the young lady chooses to become a Terp she is going to be partying here anyway . . . she might want to have a glimpse of what her future could hold . . . .

          1. And have my friends blame me for her debauchery for the next 4 years? I hardly think so! ;-)

            These all sound like good suggestions. Is Joes Noodle House hard to find, or are you just talking about the relative distance from the endpoints? Because it doesn't seem any further than the others.

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              take your friends to east pearl. nice inside and food is off the chart good even by NY standards for great chinese

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                Joes Noodle house isn't hard to find, Rockville Pike is just a mess.