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Jul 22, 2012 11:16 AM

Ethiopian Food in Israel

We are currently in Jerusalem and have been trying to go to an Ethiopian restaurant for days now. The place we previously went to off Yaffo is now out of business. We've tried Shegar (off Agripas across from Arcadia) twice now but it has been closed tight each time we've been.

Does anyone have any suggestions either in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv? We're not concerned about the kashrut. Kosher or not is fine.


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  1. My only advice is to keep trying Shegar. It is the best by far.

    Should that not be open, I'm hesitant to recommend any other restaurant that I'm familiar with. There is an Ethiopian restaurant on Yaffo close to the old place that's out of business. But it's typically a menu where only 1 of the 6 items is available and the injera isn't so great. Neither is the meat, but it's fine. The other Ethiopian establishments that I'm familiar with in Jerusalem are more "bars that serve food" rather than restaurants. There's a place on Agripas that I'd avoid like the plague (near Shegar but directly on Agripas), and a second story place off of a pedestrian street between Ben Yehuda and Hillel that also isn't good.

    However - if someone knows of a new Ethiopian restaurant in Jerusalem or one I just haven't found yet - I'd love to have another option. The rise of the Ethiopian bar that has food has not provided culinary joy based on my experiences.