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Jul 22, 2012 10:20 AM

Pambazos at Don Mario on Hudson Bend

Just ate a mexico city pastor sandwich with pastor, lettuce, queso fresco, onion. Akin to tortas ahogada but after dipping the bread in a lovely guajillo sauce they pan fry the whole thing. This is a lakeway gem. Catfish taco was excellent as well. And cheap!

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  1. The pictures I failed to link to the original.....the catfish taco and the pastor pambazos.

      1. re: nytexan

        Is this the little place across the street from Los Pinos? Is it about on the level of Taq. Arrandas? I would have a hard time going all the way out there and not going to Pinos. What separates it from Pinos?

        1. re: amysuehere

          Amysue I felt the same way forever and had a real hard time not getting my standard Pinos posole and shrimp taco lunch last saturday. But I was looking on the food boards for favorite tortas in Austin and that place came up highly rated. After checking out the menu people were raving about their house made chorizo and when I spotted the pambazo dipped in guajillo sauce and fried I had to do it. Since I've only been once I cannot comment on their soups (the horchata was delicious) or other delights. But the little place is clean and was packed. Go before noon if you try it. If I'm into the mood for a torta, I'd drive all the way there for a chorizo pambazo no question. But if not, I'm going to Pinos. Their salsa and house made tortillas start the day right.