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Jul 22, 2012 09:50 AM

Any tips for a foodie travelling by car from Santiago de Compostela to Porto?


I'm driving between Santiago de Compostela and Porto. Does anyone have any foodie recommendations for amazing places to visit, hotels and restaurants? What are your thoughts about Guimaraes or Braga? Or should I just go directly to Porto?

Maybe I've missed something but the coastal towns on this journey all have great scenic views and beaches but don't seem to have any standout hotels or spas. Everything seems a bit same-ish, just posh and expensive places to stay that offer golfing, hiking and a swimming pool for a family.

Fingers crossed that the members of this board have some great tips!

All the best,


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  1. Ferrugem after Braga and before Famalic√£o

    Maruja Lemon in Vigo

    1. Look at Sanxenxo. The hotel El Rotillo has an excellent restaurant:
      In Braga: "O Arcoense" not cheap but best in town...
      In Apulias, "Restaurante Pedrinhas" on the beach.

      1. The Sunday morning market in Padron is worth a detour. Grandmothers selling homemade hooch and peppers, Empanada....

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          Thanks for your tips!!! The market in Padron sounds amazing :)