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Jul 22, 2012 09:26 AM

Konditor Meister

Friends brought individual pastries (small canolis, cream puffs, a chocolate layered sin) from here the other day, and I was pleasantly surprised at the excellence of each one. So often those which are pretty to look at are disappointingly tasteless, but these were crave-worthy. In searching for Konditor Meister in Chowhound, I was astonished to see it only mentioned twice. These pastries and goodies were exceptional.

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  1. Got another special-occasion cake from these folks recently; very pleased as always.

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    1. have worked many events where these cakes are brought in. indeed pretty, but i find the frostings achingly sweet. cake texture quite nice though, unlike many bakery cakes.

      1. Their cakes are wonderful. A friend always gets the mocha-chocolate cake with chocolate dipped strawberries topping it on his birthday. Moist, many-layered, delicious.

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          I've always liked everything from here. Aesthetically beautiful and delish.

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          1. Our strawberries-and-Grand-Marnier wedding cake from KM was both delicious and -- because it didn't have fondant, which has somehow become the wedding cake go-to despite the fact that it tastes like spackle -- quite lovely to look at.