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Jul 22, 2012 09:26 AM

How long would one slow-bake a cookie at 250F for?

Good morning crew!
This is for a typical chocolate chip cookie recipe (bittersweet to be exact) . . I was told to slow-bake at 250 F for a change, but I do not know for how long to bake them and I do not know what to look for when taking them out (in terms of color or texture when I press on them with my finger) . . Can someone help me out here? It would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

I'm sorry these are about 2.5 inches diameter and .5 inches tall/height! Thanks!

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  1. I'm really confused by this. What are you hoping to achieve by slow-baking a cookie? My suggestion, if you really want to do this, would be to set your timer for 15 minutes, and then keep checking after that. I'm not sure the cookie would brown, so I would look for it to set and not look raw in the center.

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      Well honestly I am trying to replicate my favorite brand of cookies and "supposedly" this is how they do it, by slow-baking! Nice advice, I am already checking every few minutes, usually with my other recipes at 350 I take them out when they are still soft to the touch where your finger can poke a hole and leave an indentation, where-as with these I am not so sure as to when to take them out!
      Thanks anyways for the reply :)

    2. I have heard this called the "Mrs. Fields method". I find the cookies not as brown as I like. Be sure your oven is calibrated or use an oven thermometer: if the temps is too low, the butter will melt before the cookies "set" properly. I have not tried this but I have been told that the only way to test for doneness is to ensure that the edges are firm and the middles aren't too squishy. The color won't be as brown because less sugar will caramelize.

      1. I'd check at 15 mins, too, but expect it to take closer to 20-25 mins. You can tell cookies are done if you can lift the edges up with your fingertips, and the edge and part of the cookie to come up but the whole cookie doesn't. If I can find a picture/video, I'll post it.

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          I would love to hear the follow-up on this...I've never heard of slow-baking sweet/buttery stuff...sounds bizarre, but hey, it also sound interesting. Let us know how it goes?