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Jul 22, 2012 08:50 AM

Maras pepper

I went out looking for Aleppo and came home with Maras, just because it looked so interesting. Mine has the look of a freshly ground pepper. A bit of a taste indicates both hot and spicey.

What recipe(s) should I start with to get to know this pepper?

(I am on a sort of a pepper kick this summer, because so many cuisines from hot places have so many different peppers.)

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  1. Try it in a stew. A recipe originating in or reflecting the Mediterranean will work very well. Lamb stew???

    1. I love Maras, but I don't tend to cook with it; rather, I usually sprinkle some on to a finished dish. I like it on eggs, pasta, and with soups or stews.

      1. If you're going traditional, try adding it to a spice blend for lamb kebabs or meatballs. The flavor also goes well with cream sauces, shellfish or vegetables braised in olive oil with tomatoes and would probably do really well atop slices of melon.

        1. Slighty hotter than Aleppo, l use them pretty much equally ,eg: pizza sprinkle pepper. If you can find the third of the three Turkish/Syrian peppers, do so it is urfa and has a charred smokey flavor that is super.

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            Thanks for the suggestions.

            I've now been using the Maras in my meatloaf and in some of my hummus recipes.
            I've added Aleppo to my collection and have mailordered Urfa.

            A friend is a fan of Aleppo cooking and I'd like to do a comparison of the peppers.

            I was thinking of making a foccacia, and then before cooking divide the top into thirds, and use the peppers individually on each. I thought to seep the pepper in olive oil for several hours, and then spread (and used punctures in the bread for letter labels. When we taste it, if it's too subtle, we can always add it sprinkled. Any ideas if this would work or not?

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              You might also look for the spanish ground pepper, Nora Hojilla. It looks like a hot pepper flake but has no heat, so l add in handfuls to stews and buy by the kilo.