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Jul 22, 2012 08:24 AM

Looking for fine dining in Durham / Grey County

I will be visiting my relatives in Durham, Ontario which is located at highways 4 & 6. I am finding that The Bistro is the only better dining facility in Durham but is closed on Tuesdays.. It is not a problem to go to Flesherton, Hanover or other close by areas. Any suggestions?
Dean in Alberta.

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  1. Is it really a VOID in Grey County for fine dining? Bump.
    Dean in Alberta

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    1. re: carlitguy

      yes - you arent going to have good luck with fine dining there - best bet is driving to Owen Sound and even that is a stretch to find what you are looking for

    2. Depends on your definition. Eigensinn Farm in Singhampton is obvious, BVSC has a wonderful chef (believe it is only friday and saturday nights and only in winter), Munshaw's Bistro in Flesherton can be lovely, great Indian food at Knights Inn (not 'fine' dining but great food), Sisi's in Thornbury, have heard good things about Peasemarsh Farms in Flesherton (not sure if it is dine in tho), The Mill Cafe in Thornbury is reputed to be good... There are options for a lovely meal. I have no idea what you would find in Owen Sound. You can also try Collingwood of course.

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        oh, and while the decor is as far from fancy as you can get, Ted's Range Road Diner in Meaford serves up some amazing food!