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Four Seasons Kebab House, Upper Montclair

Curlz Jul 22, 2012 06:28 AM

Four Seasons is one of those places that I can't believe doesn't get more mention (barely anything on here), and then I go back and am reminded that they're never empty, so maybe everyone is feeling the same way--we don't want to wait for a table on that lovely back patio? We don't want to be rushed after our meal...? Who knows--but I feel the need to share.

I believe it's listed on the menu as Spicy Mashed Vegetables, but what we've got here is the Turkish version of Muhammara--and it's a fantastic version! Served with their wonderful foccacia-like but oh-so-light bread (right--bread, not pita) and a few celery sticks and big carrot slices, this is a fantastic dive in to the flavors of that region. Two of us cleared the plate, but 3-4 could definitely share it (with other apps).

The zucchini fritters (I think) are also wonderful, and the yogurt sauce is full of dill and cucumber (think tzatziki). Terrific start to the meal.

I had the lamb burger, which is actually four small (2-3 bites each) patties, and comes with their simple but flavorful rice and a small mesclun salad on the plate. I *might* have been putting some of the spicy mashed veg spread on a few bites, but that's only because we still had some left... :-) I was full when I was done, and there was still a lot of rice on the plate.

My friend is a vegetarian and there are lots of options for THEM as well, including the terrific spinach stew, which I had on previous visits. It's listed under Cold Apps and under Vegetarian Entrees and can be served hot or cold (I recommend hot). Again, a VERY generous portion + rice.

We were too full for dessert, but the short list included Baklava, Turkish flan, and two others that I can't remember.

As mentioned, the back patio is lovely--a true hidden treasure, and that's where I prefer to sit any time I go and the weather is in our favor.

Just go. www.fourseasonskebabhouse.com

P.S. I hesitate to list anything as Upper Montclair b/c I think that name is used with great pretension, but I put it on the header for people who need to know that there are a few decent places to eat that aren't 'downtown.'

  1. creamfinger Jul 23, 2012 01:23 AM

    I've been to the Four Seasons Kebab House a number of times for their İskender kebap which I love, but I've found their food to be very inconsistent. It has never been bad enough to keep me from returning, but on certain days the food is fantastic and on other days it's just very mediocre. I will say that the service is very good and I would still recommend the restaurant if asked, I just wish I knew which days would be the good ones...

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