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Jul 22, 2012 06:12 AM

Orange county must eat

Spending a week ( aug 15-22) in laguna hills looking for outstanding hole in the wall Mexican or BBQ
Price isn't issue
Food is main goal
Where do you go?

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  1. Taco Loco in Laguna Beach!

    1. Baja Fish Tacos for their namesake.

      1. Coyote Grill is a hole- in-the-wall Mexican that does terrific Mexican style breakfasts on deck with a bit of a view. It's in south Laguna on PCH.

        1. I will second Coyote for fun Mexican, but it is hardly traditional. My favorite hole in the wall for fish tacos is Los Cotijas in Tustin. You want to go further north up the 5 into Santa Ana for other real Mexican options.

          If you want Cal-Mex, Taco Rosa in Irvine is good.

          As far as real BBQ, again I will point you north to Santa Ana and Burrell's BBQ.

          1. A true hole in the wall is in Tustin called Carnitas Los Reyes. Get the chicharron and the refried beans. Best beans I have ever had and the chicharron is amazing. I also love the lengua and buche there. Chorizo is great but will put you to an early grave.

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              It's actually on Tustin Street in Orange, though.