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Jul 22, 2012 06:03 AM

Jerk Chicken Wings on an old gas grill

I am gettting ready to marinate Jerk Chicken Wings to cook on the grill. I don't have an oven (live in the Caribbean) so have to use the grill. The grill unit is rusted so the flame is rather large. I can line the bottom with foil and poke holes. Should I par boil the wings first then finish on the grill? What about the jerk rub and marinade?

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  1. I wouldn't even think of par boiling the chicken, but that's me.
    If your grill has a lid, then it IS an oven.
    Even if it doesn't, wings are ok for direct heat. There will be some flare ups if using direct heat. Perhaps lining the bottom with foil is a good idea.