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Jul 22, 2012 05:05 AM

re-introduce me to Les Zygomates?

BrettLove just mentioned that O Ya and Les Zygomates are very close to each other. I'm flabbergasted because until googling the 21-second walk from O Ya to Les Zyg, I somehow thought of O Ya as "an easy T ride away" and Les Zyg as "can't get there from here."

I've been to Les Zyg twice: once when I was just beginning to learn about food and was wowed, and once a few years later when I was more educated and less impressed. Nonetheless, I'm suddenly excited to return. What's to love? I remember oysters, delicious venison and an unpleasant Tarte Tatin.

Looking at the current menu, I'm curious what the hell "potato mousseline" could possibly mean. I know what potatoes are, and what mousseline means, and these seem a bit... incompatible.

BrettLove's mention:

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  1. potato mousseline might be soft pureed potatoes w/ cream and butter, piped out in a vertical cone/spiral.......

    mcslim recently responded to a query of mine about LZ, so try a' search' to see his recs.
    (sorry but 'Sorry i don't remember' (or SIDR) is my middle name now!)

    1. potatoes mousseline are riced potatoes mixed with cream and butter. light in texture, yet dripping with fatty calories, lol. delish!

      the bistro scene here has come leaps and bounds since the opening of les zyg.

      that being said, its wine list remains interesting and affordable. martinis are a very generous pour. oysters are usually top-notch and charcuterie and pate very good. bar service is usually friendly and well-versed. i don't venture into the dining room anymore or get much other those items when i dine there.

      they do have live music with no cover on some nights which is nice for down that way.

      all in all, it's a solid place for the neighb.