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Jul 22, 2012 03:43 AM

Early dinner anywhere on way to JFK

We have a Tuesday 10pm flight from JFK and will be traveling from Eastern Long Island. We wish to have an early dinner fairly close toward city so could be on Long Island or Queens around5:30 so we can get done and park car by around 7:30 at the car park area near airport. In the past we have eaten at a meal close to 495 in Roslyn or Mineola. But none of these were very special. I read here that Don Peppes was good but reviews are old. The area we could eat in is large just as it is not too far off beaten path to airport . We could eat somewhere and still drive to car park area after dinner if it takes about a half hour or so. Again we want to park car by 7:30. We like most kinds of food .thanks for your thoughts

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  1. try Vetro in Howarc Beach. Owned by the original Russos on the Bay owners.

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    1. re: Afikoman

      Thank you. Looks good. I will try. Much appreciated

    2. There are a lot of earlier threads on this topic . Here's a sample that indicates the variety in case you want something other than Italian.

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        Thanks Jen. But I think those threads are too old. But anyway I think I am all set. trying Vetro's sounds good and I need a peaceful quiet meal before a long flight to London for Olympics( our daughter is an athlete on US Sailing Team

        1. re: clarkgranny

          glad you are set. I was just indicating that there were other types of alternatives nearby if different cuisines struck your fancy. Hope you report on Vetro and have a great trip. Must be thrilling - best wishes to your daughter, too!

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            thanks! we leave for airport in a few hours. Just deleting emails now so when I come back I only have around a thousand. ugh