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Jul 21, 2012 09:22 PM

Where to Buy Excellent Scallops

I would love a suggestion as to where to buy the best (i.e., freshest, sweetest, etc.) scallops in Manhattan. I'm willing to travel to any neighborhood for excellent specimens. Many thanks in advance.

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  1. The best available in NYC, to me, are the Peconic Bay scallops, with Nantucket scallops running second. But the season will not start until the fall, when you can find them in many markets and at the Greenmarket fish vendors.

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    1. re: erica

      I too love the bay scallops. I'm wondering, though, where restaurants, like EMP, source their shellfish and whether it's possible to buy retail.

      1. re: Nancy S.

        You can get some nice scallops at the union square farmers market. For retail i would say the Lobster Place In the Chelsea market or Eataly.

    2. like others above, i buy my scallops at the Union Square Green Market (M, W, F, Sat)...

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      1. re: Simon

        Unfortunately, I need them for a dinner party on Tuesday!

        1. re: Nancy S.

          A very pricey option would be to order from this supplier of many upscale local restaurants. Next delivery appears to be Tuesday:

          1. re: erica

            How uncanny -- I was just thinking about Browne Trading. We would stop there on our annual visits to Maine several years back. I'll look into it. ETA: I just looked at the site, scallops are temporarily unavailable!

          2. re: Nancy S.

            buy them tomorrow at the Green Market...even held til Tuesday, i think they'll be tastier than most store-bought scallops...

        2. You could check with Dorian's: 1580 York Ave # 1 New York, NY 10028
          (212) 535-2256 *That's between 83rd and 84th.)

          1. Wild Edibles... get the dry scallops

            1. It won't help if your dinner party is Tuesday, but I've found the scallops at Blue Moon (Wednesday at Union Square Greenmarket) to be hands down, the best I've ever tasted - on par with ones I've eaten at high end restaurants.

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              1. re: lexismore

                I second Blue Moon. They pretty much have the best sea and bay scallops (and local fish nd shellfish) in the five boroughs. The only scallops which are fresher and tastier, IMO, is if you can get said scallops in the shell (from Blue Moon). The attached roe makes all the difference. Especially eaten raw.

                Blue Moon is at the Tribeca Greenmarket on Saturdays as well the Union Square Greenmarket.

                1. re: David11238

                  I third Blue Moon. I have yet to taste better scallops, even at most restaurants. I'm not even sure the pricing is much different from a decent fish store. Enjoy!