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Jul 21, 2012 09:06 PM

What has happened to my favorite Greek restaurant in Astoria - Aegean Cove???

I am very upset - couldn't get thru their phone line - web site was down so I drove by the restaurant to see what was up thinking maybe they were on vacation. All lights were out and a handwritten "closed" sign on the front door. Does anyone know what is up with the restaurant?. I am not very optimistic but this has been one of my favorite places to eat at!!!

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  1. It was my favorite too!!! I met the owner through a friend of mine and knew at some point they were planning to close....but literally a week after that convo, it was already closed.

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      I loved it also! Does anyone know the reason they closed? I initially thought someone had seemed so sudden, one night I was there and it was very busy and a week or so later it was closed!