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Jul 21, 2012 07:02 PM

Good Asian/Ethnic near MOA?

Given all the road closures this weekend we're nixing On's with the relatives in favor of something closer to MOA where they'll be staying. They love Asian and ethnic food and there's at least one vegetarian in the bunch. We took them to Grand Szechuan last year, which they liked, but they want to try something new this time. I can't really think of anything else close to MOA that fits the Asian/Ethnic request. I think Masu just opened at MOA - is that correct and would it be a good choice? Any other thoughts? This is for dinner this Sunday night so I'm a little under the gun. Oh and there will be 2 kids and 5 adults - aside from the vegetarian I don't think we have too many limitations. Thx!

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  1. I suppose it depends partly on your definition of "near." If you can drive a bit, head up Cedar and west on Crosstown, and you'll be close to Singapore (5554 34th Ave. S., Minneapolis). Indonesian, great curry.

    1. It's still possible -- even easy -- to get to On's:
      - Take I-494 East to Highway 5.
      - Highway 5 becomes into Fort Road/West 7th. Continue to I-35E
      - Take I-35E North just one or two exits to Ayd Mill Road
      - Take Ayd Mill Road to Snelling
      - Follow the usual directions on Snelling to On's.

      1. I like Masu in NE - I think the one in the Mall of America may just be opening today. So it the quality of the idea of going there depends on how well they are handling the new opening.

        I agree with KTFoley that the closures should not actually significantly affect the drive from the MOA to On's (although I would just turn left from Highway 5/West 7th onto Snelling head north on Snelling from there - it seems shorter and easier).

        A similar distance from the MOA, but in a different direction...I would recommend Krungthep Thai (between 25th and 26th Streets on Nicollet Ave/Eat Street). Same ownership as the Bangkok Thai Deli in St. Paul, but with more "atmosphere" and more seafood specials. They make delicious Pad See Ew (fat rice noodles). The way from the MOA to here should be unimpeded by construction, even this weekend.

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          Oh and while I appreciated the directions (and wouldn't personally have a problem as we live in the Grand Ave. area), there is no way the Iowans would have found their way over there with the construction. I'm about 98% sure of it, considering they got lost IN the Mall of America. :)

        2. We ended up at Masu at MOA. All in all, very good food and service. You wouldn't have even known it was their first day. Will definitely go back.

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            Glad to hear it worked out (and that the MOA Masu is also good). :-)

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              I'm not a sushi person at all, but went to the soft opening for Masu. I really enjoyed the waiter's suggestions, especially the pork belly slider