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Jul 21, 2012 06:20 PM

Good Restaurant to hold a meetup

Fellow Chow Hounds,
Hopefully some of you can help me out here.
I run a meetup group (for those of you who don't know, is place where people with the same interests get together to socialize) and I'm looking for $ to $$ restaurants and am looking for new places for my group to meet. We generally meet once a month on a Saturday at 1pm and my meetups generally have 10 to 20 people. So, any restaurant will have to be able to accommodate this many with appropriate notice of course. I'm not looking for any cuisine in particular, but I'm looking for a restaurant that is convenient to Queens and Brooklyn. So far we've been meeting in Midtown East. The ideal restaurant would offer my members a wide range of dining options.
For example, the restaurant we've been meeting for the last few has been perfect for us. It's an Italian Restaurant that serves everything from slices to entrees and also has a full bar. This way everyone can eat and what they want from a cheap lunch (a slice or two) to an entree and a couple of glasses of wine. I'm having trouble finding replacement that meets this criteria. I've come across a lot inexpensive and a lot of moderate restaurants, but few that span both ranges. After the experience we had with the owner today, continuing to patronize this restaurant is not an option for us.
As a long time lurker, I look forward to seeing what creative options my fellow Chow Hounds will come up with.

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  1. I've been to meet ups, and have eaten in Chinese Restaurants in Chinatown, which are known for big round tables and reasonable prices. I've also been to midtown places that were self serve type places. I think if you get everyone to agree on a food, like pizza, and go to Lombardi's which has plenty of room, or if all agree on Chinese food, go to a place like Golden Unicorn, or Congee Village, or many others in Chinatown. Othewise pick a diner-like place, like Gee Whiz in Tribeca where there are big tables and low prices. Sorry I couldn't do better for you.

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      Foodwhisperer, thanks for the suggestion. Chinatown is easily accessible to about everyone and most of the restaurants there seem to have pretty extensive menus. I'll have to head over there this weekend and scout out a couple of places. Thanks for pointing me in a direction that should have been obvious to me, but wasn't.