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Jul 21, 2012 04:19 PM

Grilling a 3lb Sirloin steak?

SO went shopping today and came home with a 3lb sirloin steak to grill for dinner tomorrow night for guests. Have done a lot of various grilling but I have never cooked a sirloin steak and wondering if it needs marinating to tenderize?

Would appreciate any input available as I have no idea what to do with this!

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  1. sirloins have nice balance of marbling and lean. you don't "need" to marinate it to tenderize it, but you can for added flavor if you like.

    that type of steak i really just like with salt and pepper and a bit of butter melted on it at service.

    1. Bring to room temp. Cook over hot coals. When the first side is seared, add salt to that side. Same for the other side, Turn frequenttly or it will burn. Don't overcook. Remove, let it rest for 10 min.

      1. Thanks for the replies.

        This is a Sirloin Steak, not a Strip Sirloin. What you are both suggesting is what I might do with a Strip Sirloin. Is Sirloin Steak cooked the same? Also this is Grass Fed. Does that make a difference in cooking?

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        1. Thick cut Sirloin is delicious....if not over cooked. ~~ You will need a two zone fire....One as hot as a fire cracker, where you will sear the meat...Lay the meat on the a minute or two, Rotate (not flip) the meat about 45*....In another minute or two... flip the steak....again rotate 45* after a minute or so.....Now move the steak to your second zone...not directly over the fire/coals/burner.but off to the side. ~ Monitor the cooking progress with an instant read thermometer or other method you are comfortable with to determine doneness. ~~ For me and the little brown-eyed girl I would pull it at about 130*-135* ...Let it rest 5-10 minutes......Supper is ready!!!. HTH

          1. I have made this recipe with sirloin steaks for a group a few times...