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Jul 21, 2012 03:53 PM

Light lunch/big dinner in Savannah

We're going to be in Savannah two days next week, and I'd like a little help finding two things.

First, we're having dinner early on Sunday to accommodate a tour, so I'd like to find somewhere to eat a light lunch. Since we're only here two days I really want it to be somewhere worth eating and not a throw away deal just to stave off hunger.

The next night I'm having a dilemma. I'd like to eat at Elizabeth on 37th. But it's not within easy walking distance of our hotel AND it's restaurant week, so there are good deals at some other places that look interesting--Vic's on the River in particular. What would you do?

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  1. I like Vic's: nice space, good food, but I like Pink House better. The cheese straws on the bar remind me of Christmas at Grandmama's.

    Look at B. Mathews' for your lunch.

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    1. Zunzi's and Firefly Cafe are good places for lunch. Cafe Garibaldi is excellent for your dinner...don't know what their RW deal is, though.

      1. We ate at SOHO South last week and very much liked it.

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          I like SOHO south also. The food is simple but good and the space interesting and fun.

        2. Crystal Beer Parlor is a good lunch spot.
          I have not a clue about restaurant week or public transportation, maybe hire one of those rickshaw bikes to take you wherever?

          We like Elizabeth's, Noble Fare, and Garibaldi.

          1. I guess I should say--will I regret not eating at Elizabeth's?

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              If the Pink House is in walking distance to your hotel I would assume Garibaldi and Cha Bella are also.

              My pick would be Garibaldi but be warned that it can be very loud.

              I've always liked the food at Cha Bella but don't really like the room (except for the four or five tables in front) and the service for us has been hit or miss.

              A.lure, which is next to Garibaldi has gotten some good reviews but I've never been.

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                Garibaldi's RW menu looks great. I think we'll try there. Quick question. Is it the kind of place the hubby can wear khaki shorts and a polo?

                1. re: applebrownbetty

                  Assuming you mean at night, a polo is fine; I don't know about shorts. There may be other men there in shorts, but I wouldn't feel comfortable in them.

                  1. re: carolinadawg

                    It maybe a different atmosphere during restaurant week? I wear khakis and a sport coat for Garibaldi. There are usually other men wearing jackets but it's certainly the minority. I would not wear shorts to dinner there.

                    1. re: kengk

                      I'll stuff the hubs in some khakis and let him ride in a rickshaw if it's too hot. :-)

                      Thanks all!