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Jul 21, 2012 02:57 PM

Heading to Saskatchewan

Im going to be in Sask for a couple weeks and am looking for some good but not to expensive food. I will be in the Big River area, Saskatoon and perhaps Christopher Lake. Any ideas would be great

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  1. My current favourite restaurants in Saskatoon are Bliss and Truffles. Both offer mains in the $20-$30 range.

    I also like the dim sum and other Chinese food at Genesis, which is more economical than Bliss or Truffles.

    Also see this thread:

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      The two you mentioned are my favourites in Saskatoon, too. I also like Jasmine for something a little less expensive.

    2. Christopher Lake: you must try out "The Yellow Fender". Fresh, homemade food with some imagination thrown in! Also, their desserts are worth the drive.

      Prince Albert: I haven't been to the new Turkish place in the South Hill Mall, but I have it on authority that it's worth the drive. Try going during the day though, as I believe it's closed evenings.

      Hafford (North of Saskatoon, West of Blaine Lake, easy to do a slight detour on the way to Big River): Go to the "Silver Sword and Chalice" with an appetite and a camera. The chef is amazing, has a ridiculously huge menu (try the fried chicken or the eggplant parmesan if it's in stock that day) and sit back and enjoy the comic collection, 8-tracks, and lots of records to listen to. It will be the highlight of your Saskatchewan trip. I guarantee it.

      Big River: people are always oohing and ahhing about "3rd and Main" but I've never been there myself. Usually if we're near Big River we're camping, not eating out!

      Good luck, and enjoy your travels.

      VC in Regina