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Jul 21, 2012 01:24 PM

Burgers Priest to open West End Location

Announcement on FB page.

"West Side HERE WE COME!!!!!!!! don't ask for details....just know that pen has met paper. Dec. 2012."


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  1. Nice. This west end snob is stoked! Thanks for the update.

      1. As someone who lives on the west end, this excites me greatly -- though I have to admit, I would have been more excited about this a few months ago. My last couple of visits have been a little bit disappointing. It's still good, but the rich, smacks-you-in-the-face beefy flavour that BP used to have has been greatly diminished. I don't know if they've changed their beef supplier or what, but it's definitely not as good as it used to be (it's still pretty delicious, don't get me wrong).

        1. i believe the location is on wellington beside le select

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          1. re: Main334

            Is it really? This would be amazing as I live within walking distance!

            1. re: Main334

              Hmmmm.......maybe I'm not up on Toronto areas/mapping, however as someone who grew up in southwest Etobicoke, I find the West End reference so not west end. Is West End a certain area? Or a reference to West Toronto? For me, west Toronto is west of the EX. Keep in mind I grew up there, although have lived in the burbs for over four years now.

              1. re: fryerlover

                It's not something I find to be clearly defined -- could be just about anything west of Yonge St. and East of Oakville, depending on who you're talking to.

                1. re: Jacquilynne

                  Ahhh, okay. Got it Thanks. Need to be up on these area names so I know which areas to search for on the boards if I'm ever in them.

                  1. re: Jacquilynne

                    I took it to mean west of Dufferin at least.
                    When I read it I was thinking Bloor West Village.

                    1. re: Jacquilynne

                      I've never heard of anyone using "west end" to describe an area just west of Yonge. Usually it has to be at least west of Bathurst (and often as far as the 427). But it's true that the term is vague.

                      1. re: piccola

                        I agree piccola, but it turns out that they didn't say West End, they said West Side. They were quoted incorrectly by the OP.

                        1. re: justsayn

                          Well not really. I quoted them directly in the subject field. Just (I guess) took some liberties in the title.

                          As I said, when I read it I immediately thought BWV. So I just had it in my head that it meant west end.

                          Sorry for any inconvenience. You may now go back to your daily routines.


                    2. re: Main334

                      Seems like a weird location if that is indeed the location. Not much foot traffic, etc.
                      Grindhouse location at King/Peter is now available but I think they are tearing down the building to build a condo at some point soon.

                      1. re: ylsf

                        Reality is that neighborhood is chock-a-block with advertizing, PR, web development and design firms in all those old garment factory buildings. Combine that with all the people moving into condos on the south side of the train tracks and others and there's plenty enough to sustain a place like that. As soon as you go east of Spadina you're in a whole different universe, especially rentwise.

                    3. I just floated this rumour by them on FB and their answer was "Not true. But close."

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                      1. re: metalmicky

                        My bet is the old Grindhouse location then :)

                        1. re: ylsf

                          He also confirmed it's not that - said i was "getting colder."

                          1. re: ylsf

                            It's definitely not the old Grindhouse location and they are not tearing down this building for a condo.

                          2. re: metalmicky

                            He'd be wise to take a spot on the strip in Liberty Village.