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Jul 21, 2012 12:54 PM

Brasserie Zedel - London

24 hours in London and wanted to try the new Brasserie Zedel off Piccadilly and the latest in the Wolseley chain. Low prices, attentive service and well decorated big room don't make up for very ordinary food.

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  1. Sorry to hear that the food wasn't particularly good. Sounds like it's consistent with the level of cooking in their other places in the group - Delaunay, Wolseley - except that these two latter places are also somewhat expensive for the OK/nice but nothing special quality.

    1. Brasserie Zedel was reviewed in the Financial Times a few weekends ago.

      1. We were there last night. I think I'll go along with your assessment. The place has a huge and friendly staff and the prices are certainly low for London (£2.50 for most side dishes). I wouldn't return there if I wanted a truly, delicious French meal, but my spatchcocked poussin and my husband's rabbit were far from awful, and the tarte citron was small but enjoyable. They had removed the Paris Brest I wanted to try but c'est la vie. I think it's the old story... one gets what they pay for. I have tried the cafe upstairs once, and got a really nice-sized sandwich of good jambon and a good capuccino.

        This place seems to oversalt their salads - didn't like that at all.

        1. i went this weekend and too was unimpressed - it made me think of school dinners, french brasserie style.

          1. The atmosphere and room make up for the shortcomings assuming you order wisely.

            I found the herring to be excellent., as was the celeriac remoulade. My rib-eye steak wasn't good, but the frites were great. Couscous with lamb liver was very tasty, as was the beet salad.

            I think its a great place to go for cocktails and appetizers, perhaps ordering enough to make a full meal out of petit plats. It's cheap enough to get many small dishes, and lots of drink, without it being a serious night out.