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Jul 21, 2012 11:52 AM

rick's seafood, mahopac

we've decided to explore mahopac restaurants, 25-30 minutes from where we live. Rick's is a seafood shop by day that serves its wares for lunch and dinner. We started with asian influenced fried calamari with a wasabi dipping sauce and it was great. I had the horseradish crusted sea bass, the fish was pristine, perfectly cooked and the crust provided a nice counterpoint to a fish I too often find blandly prepared. My daughter had a couple of lobster rolls, the lobster was interestingly spiced, again, tasted as fresh as fresh could be. Finally, my wife had the king salmon, also very well prepared.

Prices seem high for sitting in a fish store, but they've done a nice job in creating a nautically themed eating area, the service was friendly and it's byob which, if you're having wine, makes it a bargain. Comparing it to the ocean house in croton, the cooking is a little finer at OH but the selection and portion size is larger at rick's. Definitely worth the drive, we plan to be back, and often.

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  1. vinous I live in Mahopac and have for 15 years, pass ricks every day, I love seafood, however the prices have always kept me away, I think you may have inspired me to stop being tight and get in there!

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      ryan, we've also been to dish bistro in mahopac for their prix fixe, thought it was very good, haven't had a chance to write it up yet. Looks like there's a lot of interesting chow in town, what do you like?

      Also I think I noticed a polish grocery/deli? Any oood perogie/kielbasi?

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        I very much enjoyed the Burger on Dish's menu when I went there. I tried the new place in town, Sea Chic recently, had the fish and chips, was very fresh and delicious... I head over to Brooklyn Coffee house and enjoy their awesome beverages in their outdoor seating area often with live music... Countryside Kitchen isn't much of a looker but their breakfasts are huge and tasty. One of my favorite places to eat in Mahopac was Desert Sun but they unfortunenatley closed, I noticed a new place will be opening soon in their place. Ramiro's 954 is a must try for some latin/spanish food and a great dining experience... Arturo's on rt 6 used to be one of my favorites, haven't made my way back in some time now however. for okay food with a view head over to JP Cunninghams on the lake, for a finer dining experience try the Terrace Club (however I have not been there yet)

        If you want a great burger (among other great food, the bacon wrapped shrimp special I had was amazing), possibly some of the best in the area, 151 Grill, right off the taconic on secor road.

        Many people like Holy Smoke, I love BBQ food and can easily pass on Holy Smoke for the other options in the area, The amazing Big W's is a mere 25 minutes from Mahopac as is Memphis Maes, and during the summer I'd rather drive up to Newburgh to sit on the river at Billy Joe's.

        1. re: ryanallday

          wow, thanks, so much to try. If you love bbq, you should consider becoming a certified kcbs judge. There's an annual class held in new paltz every year and you're good to go. I've judged about 15 contests and eaten some amazing bbq.

          I'm not a big fan of holy smoke or memphis mae but I've had great meals bbq at big w, the brisket as good as anything I've had in texas hill country. Unfortunately, that 25 minutes for me is in the wrong direction. Although they've invested in top equipment, Billy Joe's doesn't get a lot of love from the bbq community but I've heard it's a nice view.

          1. re: vinouspleasure

            yeah I know Billy Joe's isnt the best food but the atmosphere is top notch! Thats really interesting that class I will look into it thanks vinous, btw what town are you in? oh and please check out All Smoked Up Catering if you're ever having a gathering, it's incredible.