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What to do with leftover pre-packed smoked salmon?

Have an open package of Norwegian Smoked Salmon slices that I purchased from Costco that is fast approaching it's "Best Before" date. I am thinking of freezing but I'm sure that the product quality would suffer. So, any suggestions for a preparation that wouldn't be too perishable, or should I should I just chuck it now? TIA.

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  1. First off - how long has that package been "open"? The "Best Before" date changes rapidly once something has been opened.

    1. If it smells good still. It should be alright.

      You could do a smoked Salmon pizza

      Use the Salon instead of the tuna for a take on Nicoise Salad.

      or add mayo and herbs for a sandwich spread

      put it on a bagel with some cream cheese

        1. Smoking and curing are both natural preservatives, so it will be good well past its "best by" date. You will know when it is "bad" because it will smell like foul, rotting fish and not sweet, smoky salmon. If you have left it out at room temp for an extended period of time (like on a buffet) this time will come sooner rather than later, but if it has been continuously refrigerated it will be some distance off.

          Freezing will not harm it at all. It would be repeated freezing and thawing that would. So break it down into individual portions and freeze it that way, so you can pull out just as much as you need, when you need it, and thaw in the fridge.

          1. Not sure how long you wanted keep it, but for a larger meal a sushi pizza, frittata or omelet. But for a little longer keep, maybe a salmon dip.

            1. I always freeze - not least as I can only afford to buy when I see it on offer near to date.

              1. One of my favorite ways to use smoked salmon is to incorporate it into a pasta dish. I make a cream sauce by cooking a cup of cream and a cup of clam juice until it thickens. Then I add the cut up salmon, a squirt of lemon juice, a pinch or two of salt, and some fresh dill. This goes especially well with fresh pasta, such as angel hair or linguine.

                1. Lox in scrambled eggs is a dish that's always disappointed me in delis, but is lovely made at home. Slow cooking and enough butter - probably why delis mess it up - is the key. And watch the salt! Real smoked salmon, as opposed to supermarket lox, just makes it so much better.

                  Another egg dish I've had with cured salmon - and smoked would be good too - is a kind of Benedict, with the salmon sitting in for the Canadian bacon. Square One Dining in Hollywood serves this on a potato cake that's like a cross between a shredded wheat biscuit and a latke, topped with a slice of salmon, poached egg and hollandaise, all on a bed of frisée lettuce. Killer good.

                  1. On a bagel with cream cheese, tomato, and onion
                    a sandwich
                    in scrambled eggs or inside an omelete

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                      +1 on the scrambled eggs and omelet suggestion.

                      It's also great in fried rice

                    2. I freeze the lox too. One of the best dishes that I make is quiche. I make large one and individual ones, they are great to freeze. If you plan on freezing partial bake, let cool and then rebake.

                      1. It's never lasted that long in my home...

                        It's easily frozen, from what I've heard, but why not eat it now? It's great all by itself or coupled with scrambled eggs with toasted bagel or rye with a bit of double whipped cream cheese and a nice glass of champagne. Some fresh fruit on the side.

                        1. Thank you everyone for your comments. I originally purchased it to make sushi rolls. The "Best Before" date is in a few days and I opened the package today to make two toasted bagels with cream cheese, and ikura. The remaining amount is ~ 9 ozs. Have decided to freeze it and make a chowder with it at some point.

                          1. A rather decadent way to use smoked salmon that I've made a few times for New Year's Eve suppers is in an herbed sour cream sauce tossed with pasta (like tagliatelle, papardelle, or fettucine) & garnished with salmon-roe caviar.

                            1. A local Mexican restaurant used to make a killer smoked salmon quesadilla. Since they removed it from the menu, I have to make my own now and then. It's just salmon and cheese, served with some pico de gallo and sour cream.

                              1. Tea sandwiches: Pumpernickel bread sliced thin (no crust), chive cream cheese, smoked lox, thinly sliced cucumber and shaved asparagus! OMG....I have to make one now!

                                ps-I freeze lox all the time; especially when the good stuff goes on sale!

                                1. Roll-ups - smoked salmon, soft cheese (I prefer cream cheese, but have used goat cheese, ricotta, fresh mozarella...), herbs or arugula if you like, and just roll it up and pop it in your mouth! One of my favorite, albeit indulgent, high-protein snacks.