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How to Store Pearl Mozzarella Balls?

Bacardi1 Jul 21, 2012 11:22 AM

I just bought a small package of vacuum-packed Bel Giossio pearl-sized mozzarella balls to use in salads. Since I won't be using the entire package on just 2 dinner salads tonight, I was wondering how I should store the remainder.

Dry in a Ziploc bag?
Dry in an airtight plastic container?
Either of the above with a few drizzles of extra-virgin olive oil?
Added to a container of mixed marinated olives I have in the fridge?

It's not like they'll be hanging around forever - just for a few days. Was just wondering what would be best short-term to keep them fresh.

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    escondido123 Jul 21, 2012 11:41 AM

    I would either marinate them or put in a plastic container with fresh water.

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      Bacardi1 Jul 22, 2012 07:49 AM

      Thanks! I put them in a plastic container with water, as the olive marinade was a bit too strong.

      1. re: Bacardi1
        bulavinaka Jul 22, 2012 08:50 AM

        Don't know if you had saved the liquid the cheese came in, but that would probably be the ideal medium to store it in. Fresh mozzarella should be used relatively soon - probably within a few days after opening.

        Marinating in olive oil and seasoning does change it from a very mild relatively neutral flavor. But it keeps for quite long. If you drain the cheese before marinating, it will keep for weeks if not for months. Either way, store as cold as possible without freezing it.

        When storing items that are more perishable, I spray Private Preserve into the container and burping/closing the container immediately. Displacing the oxygen seems to help keep the perishables longer.

        1. re: bulavinaka
          carolinadawg Jul 23, 2012 01:37 PM

          Liquid in a vacuum packed container of food? I don't think I've ever seen that.

          1. re: carolinadawg
            Bacardi1 Jul 23, 2012 03:23 PM

            There isn't any liquid in vacuum-packed food (at least not in cheese). I don't think "bulavinaka" completely read my original post.

            But my leftover "pearls" are doing quite well in cold water, which I've changed daily. Don't have any left, but this has worked out just fine.

            1. re: Bacardi1
              bulavinaka Jul 24, 2012 08:38 PM

              I read it, but just didn't want to assume things since I'm not familiar with you as a poster. It's not uncommon for posters to throw around specific terms when they ultimately meant something else - just didn't want to fall into that clap trap. Fred Barnard once said,

              "A picture is worth a thousand words."

              But no big deal. Glad your pearls worked out just fine. My favorite place for fresh mozzarella products is Obika. If you're ever in LA, look them up.


            2. re: carolinadawg
              bulavinaka Jul 24, 2012 08:27 PM

              I agree. The problem is I don't see a picture of the said-package, so I don't want to assume that it actually is a vacuum-packed package. Not knowing the OP, I don't know whether he/she is throwing around nomenclature that is accurate or otherwise. So imho it's safer to assume a broader range of possibilities. The vast majority of "fresh" mozzarella products found on store shelves comes in tubs or bags that are devoid of air, but not vacuum-packed. The Italian deli that I frequent sells it in bulk, tubs, bags, and vacuum packs - that being the least frequent way to be offered in my experience.

              1. re: bulavinaka
                Bacardi1 Jul 26, 2012 07:17 AM

                I think it's time to give this a rest already.

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