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Ahhh...weekend breakfast @ home. What did you have?

Hubby & I had a ratherish decadent breakfast to start the day! Admittedly I stopped for the sourdough bagels on my home from my AM aerobics class, but the remaining ingredients I pulled from my fridge a smidgen here & a scrap from there. Check it out, toasted sourdough bagel with cream cheese, lox, and ikura (salmon roe). Bliss.

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    1. Caught the egg pressure test on Master Chef and had to do poached eggs. Perfection, sitting on a buttered English muffin and a slice of browned ham, topped with a squeeze of lemon.

      1. I had a lovely ham and cheese omlette w/salsa,hashbrowns and Cuban toast. All lovingly made by my sweetie. It seems to taste better when you don't have to cook.

        1. I had croque madame with mornay sauce and a side of pommes frites (yes i know I could have said french fries but it sounds so much fancier. :D) It was super yummy but now I feel super fat. :(

          1. With lobsters as cheap as it is here, $3.99 a lb. at my local grocery store the past week, I've been cooking with a lot with lobster lately. Lobster Eggs Benedict this morning.

            It definitely took less time to eat than make.

            1. Strawberry blintzes (with a splash of almond extract) with fresh whole strawberries, orange zest, ricotta and cream cheese.

              1. Roasted Brussels sprouts topped with eggs over easy and grated Parmesan - so so good.. Whole grain toast. And more amazing gaviota strawberries from Harry's Berries at the farmer's market (they're part so every day's breakfast while they're in season).

                1. Tostadas with black beans, tomatoes from our garden, green sauce, sour cream, scrambled eggs, lettuce, avocado....you get the idea. Heaven and vegetables besides.

                  1. breakfast at home on a sunday morning is always either "dipping eggy" - eggs prepared sunnyside up, with toast, or bagels with assorted "shmears". depends on the egg-status of the refrigerator.

                    1. Nothing fancy, but so delicious-maple sausage and grits with lots of butter, salt, and pepper. I think being able to take my time and eat it leisurely almost makes it tastes better!

                      1. Pinapple cottage cheese mixed w the best farm stand summer peach so far this year,, coffee

                        1. After being rather exceedingly hungover I had 3 tuna mayo onigiri and a lot of water/pocari sweat, not so decadent or glamourous but it allowed me to survive the day.

                          1. One of the bonuses of living alone is that when you come up with weird food, there's no one there to go, "Ewwwww..." The other bonus is that there's no one spearing the particularly plump morsel you've been eying but weren't fast enough on the draw. The downside is there's no one there to fetch the coffee refills. Anyway, I was bored with just about anything I thought of for breakfast this morning, so I made a "salad." Quartered marinated artichoke hearts, diced Medjool dates, quartered Campari tomatoes, pitted Kalamata olives, and stuffed Manzanilla olives. Add a toasted Thomas' English muffin kissed with organic ghee and a steaming large mug of espresso thick with crema and I'm purring. Some Bola Sete guitar wafting through the sunlight streaming through the breakfast room windows, and all is right with the world. Sometimes an unconventional change is just good for the soul!

                            1. Visited a PA Dutch market and got some homemade dried beef that made the best chipped beef on toast. Haven't been able to move the rest of the day.

                              1. Aged chedder, mushroom, ham and chive omelette that my husband made for me. Accompanied by a rock-hard nectarine, just the way I love 'em. I hate it when they have any give.

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                                  That's how I like my stone fruit, too!! I love the crispness of a rock-hard nectarine, plum, apricot, etc. I would like peaches like that too, but I'm allergic (or something) to the fuzz.

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                                    Hey - I thought I was the only one! At the grocery store I feel for the hardest stone fruit possible and do not even consider the others (unless I am roasting them, making jam or whatever).

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                                      Me too! Love underripe stone fruits, especially peaches and plums!

                                2. Looks good letsindulge

                                  We finished the last of the homemade lox I made last week. Lox on a toasted bialey with cream cheese, capers, sliced tomato and arugula

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                                    Homemade is SO good but wild salmon is so pricey these day.

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                                      This wild sockeye was only $8.99/lb at Costco.

                                  2. Breakfast was simple, but delicious. Some buttermilk pain au lait I made yesterday, reheated in the oven while the coffee was brewing, spread with tangy, homemade cream cheese. French press on the side.

                                    1. Huge cathead biscuits with some molasses and apple butter we picked up on our travels last week.

                                      1. The usual (if I'm feeling indulgent): a dutch baby in my #5 cast iron skillet. It's quick to put together in my morning stupor and then it bakes while I have my first cup of tea and "hatch." I try to steer clear of grains most of the week, so a modest 1/3 c. of white whole wheat flour feels like a splurge.

                                        1. Visiting friends who cooked my birthday breakfast of black beans, chicken mole tamale, fried egg, white nectarines, ripe tomato and coffee-orange juice-grapefruit juice with toasted bread — this was after a late night dinner at home opening six bottles of wines, tapas of marinated potato slices, green stuffed olives, guacamole and rustic breads; gazpacho, zucchini and tomato, black beans, grilled skirt steak and flan with a fresh raspberry sauce and coffees. Truly, it tastes better when you don't have to cook ;^)

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                                            I want to eat what you're having. Yum.

                                          2. Poached eggs with romesco sauce on top of a carrot-salami hash.

                                            1. A quick bowl of muesli on Saturday morning before heading out at 6:15am to meet my running buddies - can't wait for cooler days so we can push the start time back. After the run, French toast and bacon at the diner.

                                              Got to sleep late on Sunday, and enjoyed an English muffin with ham and cheese, and a bowl of watermelon.

                                              1. Hash browns (from frozen) with 2 eggs over easy and dry wheat toast and coffee on the patio.

                                                1. Saturday breakfast in bed, watching the Olympics. Took the leftover boiled red potatoes from last night's dinner and chopped them into bite sized chunks. They got a quick pan fry with onion and butter, until they were golden and a touch crispy on the outside. Added in a few beaten eggs, salt pepper, ton o dill. Perfect with a small piece of sourdough toast, a dab of ketchup and a large cup of coffee.

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                                                    This morning I made an omelette filled with spinach, mushrooms, banana peppers and cheddar. Rye toast on the side. It was very good, but BBL, I think I would have rather had yours!

                                                  2. Today we had a bagel egg and cheese

                                                    1. Savory oatmeal. Topped with bacon, sauteed carrot, peanuts, bamboo shoots in chile oil, hunanese salted chiles, splash of soy sauce, white pepper and a fried egg.

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                                                        WOW...must take a moment to ponder that concoction. Did you think of that on the fly, or is it a repeat dish?

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                                                          Repeat dish but veggie component changes based on what is in the bin needing to be used. Meat, optional if on hand.

                                                      2. Smoked bacon, scrambled eggs, fried mushrooms.

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                                                        1. Usually I like to make a nice breakfast on Sunday mornings, because neither one of us often eats breakfast the other 6 days of the week, but this morning it was just toasted buttered bagels.

                                                          1. Sausage/cheese omelet smothered in Hatch green chili, fresh corn tortillas, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and espresso.

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                                                              Oh YUM!! Sounds fantastic, especially the chilis and tortillas

                                                            2. Jalapeno cheddar grits and over easy eggs. Yum.

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                                                                I've only had grits in the D-Hall at college, but your brekkie sounds delicious!

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                                                                  It was, and I made extra grits that will go nicely with dinner tonight!

                                                              2. During the week, healthy cereal or bagel with Vegimite and Greek yoghurt (visiting three countries for breakfast :-) ) but on Sundays

                                                                Bacon, fried eggs up, pumpernickle toast, jalapeno cheese grits, sauteed mushrooms and grilled tomato.

                                                                1. Crispy Wright Bacon, Scrambled Eggs with lots of LA Hot Sauce, grits with butter, s&p, fresh tomato slices and a toasted English Muffin topped with orange marmalade, coffee...all lovingly prepared by my better half--and he never cooks so it was utterly indulgent.

                                                                  Fried up the leftover grits for breakfast this morning....delicious!

                                                                  1. A breakfast with the luxury of time means one thing to me: HASH BROWNS. Parboil starchy potatoes, freeze them slightly to firm them up, coarsely grate and immediately fry with plenty of fat and salt over low and slow heat. Fried up a batch last weekend with eggs over easy, spicy sausage gravy, and buttermilk biscuits (from a can, sadly).