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Jul 21, 2012 10:18 AM

New Midcoast Meat Market

Maine Street Meats has opened in a shop tucked into the back of the State of Maine Cheese store on Route 1 in Rockport. Partners Andrew (from Morse's Sauerkraut) and Sarah (from Farmers' Fare) are offering a great boucherie, charcuterie, fromagerie combo with premise-made breads and a smattering of other cool foodie stuff. Much needed in this area...

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  1. That's great, thanks for the heads up! I still wish Morse's would set up a "satellite" office in Rockland. Or some sort of deli / German beer hall...I bother them about it every single time I'm there...much to my wife's chagrin.

    Hopefully this has staying power...other similar type places never seem to do really well for some reason (Sage Market, Sweets and Meats, etc).

    1. Just taking a minute to try and unscramble a bit of confusion:
      Writing from Emma's Family Farm, we've been at State of Maine Chese aka Rockport Marketplace for nearly two years in their Saturday year round farmers Market. Each Saturday from 9 until noon, we are there with our pasture raised chicken, pork, and beef plus other things the farm may currently have in stock. We have also been selling chicken and pork to Maine Street Meats. It has created confusion we didn't count on,
      some folks have called and asked us to "come back" to the Farmers market --- we never left! We're there each Saturday, Maine Street Meats is there all week.

      They have interesting inventory and seem to be really interested in providing some different tastes for the Camden/Rockland area, and they include our pasture raised chicken in their inventory.
      We're there at the Farmers Market from 9 until noon Saturdays only; our inventory is mostly pasture raised meats.

      1. Thanks for the info! Drive past the store every time I get up to Maine, and will definitely stop next time.

        1. This place officially ROCKS.

          1. Maine Street Meats is a gem! Highly recommended, and for much more than excellent pasture-raised meats and poultry.