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Jul 21, 2012 09:43 AM

Pasteurized eggs in the Triangle (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) area?

Does anyone know where I can buy them? Preferably starting around the Chapel Hill area and working outwards. Thanks!

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  1. I get them at the Harris Teeter at University Mall. Went to the Meadowmont HT a couple of weeks back and was told they'd stopped carrying them, but the next week I got them as usual at the U Mall store.

    1. Harris Teeter (I shop three locations in Raleigh) is the only grocery I consistently find them. Around the winter holiday season I sometimes see them at other grocers.

      1. Thanks all for the replies. I usually shop at HT at Meadowmont, didn't find any, and assumed that grocery stores didn't carry them. I tried a different store (Lowes at Chatham Commons) and they had them!

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          I find it odd that the Meadowmont store doesn't have them, but I asked about them and they told me they'd stopped carrying them. No moms in Meadowmont making cookies and letting the kids lick the beaters?

            1. re: omoshiroi

              Yikes, that is scary, but this quote makes me feel a lot better (given that I use pasteurized eggs when I make cookies, and I make them from scratch):

              "Home cooks who prefer making their own batter should still be just as wary of consuming unbaked cookie dough, especially because of the Salmonella risk from raw eggs, Dr. Neil added."

        2. i have heard from my friend (and have not verified myself) that whole foods has them as well.