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Jul 21, 2012 09:00 AM

Best omelets in TC?

Showing my age but I'll never forget eating late night, fantastic omelets at Mama Rosa's on the West Bank or at the Garden Restaurant on the fire station site north end of Calhoun. Hearty portions, gooey cheese.....the Garden would broil the top to finish a crust on the cheese in the end. Superb! I've been trolling town ever since looking for that perfect omelet. Where are you, My Dear?

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  1. I'll throw a vote up for the Egg & I ... though now that I write that I'm not 100% sure if it's the omelets exactly or a mix of the eggs and the atmosphere.

    Portions will win you over at the Uptown Diner, and you can definitely get the 'late night' component there too!

    1. I had a really great omelet at Key's this morning. I know some feel differntly but I love Key's for breakfast. I love the homemade toast. But I especially love that I can get anything I want in my omelet. I had, bacon, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and hash browns...In my omelet. Delicious.

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        Keys is my favorite too. Hashbrowns, ham and cheese in my omelet. Their coffee isn't the greatest but I love the bacon and the American fries.

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          Homemade toast? As compared to . . .

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            They give you the option of regular store bought bread or their homemade bread. So homemade bread plus toaster equals homemade toast :)

        2. For my money, Mickey's makes a mighty fine omelet. I've only ever gotten them at the non-downtown location, but they put the eggs in the malt mixer thingy first and they end up being a super soft, voluminous (???), fluffy consistency...completely opposite of the ultra thin griddled eggs you get at most places. Far from gourmet, obviously, but really nicely done.

          RJ Riches in Mounds View makes some good (and ENORMOUS) omelets too.

          1. I really like the bacon cream cheese omelet at Colossal, but I think my preference is for something a bit lighter than what you are looking for.