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Jul 21, 2012 08:28 AM

Breakfast between BWI and Denton, MD?

I am picking up family from BWI in a couple of weeks at 7am. We are looking for a local place to have a good breakfast between the airport and Denton as we head to the shore.

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  1. Don't go to that truck stop on 301. Made that mistake, thinking most truck stops have good food.....
    had one of the worst breakfasts ever. Only one worse was in St Maartin, and I've read since that no one can bitch up breakfast like the Dutch. Poor DH, I was smart and had fruit.

    1. holly's restaurant just over the bay bridge in grasonville MD

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        If it is on your way.....go a little further than Denton on 404 to Bridgeville. Jimmy's Grill is close to the intersection of 404 and Rt. 13 .....

        1. re: jck

          OMG Jimmy's is wonderful, Great food!!!

          1. re: jck

            Jimmy's sounds great, but nearly two hours from the airport. I'm hoping for something closer to BWI or Annapolis and no further than Denton.