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Jul 21, 2012 08:23 AM

Pascal's in Larchmont Permanently Closed

Too bad, I liked this place. Food/service were always reliably good. Think accepting too many certificates may have been their downfall. Seriously, I don't know why they closed -- they always seemed to be busy whenever I was there. Anyone know?

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  1. I guess each to his own. I went once with anticipation after some reviews. However the dinner was most unimpressive and compounded by the placement of a screaming child next to our table after we were well into our dinner. The people in charge, (owners, manager, who knows) knew that this made us uncomfortable yet seemed to ignore us all night. The place was one third full on a Friday night and showed nothing to entice a further visit. I am not surprised at the closure.

    1. I must say there is some good news for diners in Larchmont and those willing to travel there for the restaurant of an icon. I saw that Pascal’s was being renovated and was told they were creating a completely new facility for Rafael Palomino’s Steakhouse. Anyone who has had some of Palomino’s steaks at Sonora know how good they are because of how well he ages the beef and the flavor he puts on them. So get ready.