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Jul 21, 2012 07:46 AM

The most absurdly great Sunday night meal in Cambridge (or close) is...?

It's my wife and my tenth anniversary. We have a zillion young kids and never get to go anywhere, except we always take exotic anniversary trips to faraway lands, which keeps us vaguely sane.

Except this year, when our friends outside of Boston decided to get married. And here we are (we're from far, far away).

And now my wife just woke up sad, sad, sad, because we didn't leave the country the only chance we ever get all year. And I feel bad, bad, bad. I don't regret coming to this wedding -- we absolutely adore the couple -- but I kinda adore my wife more.

So we have exactly one night in Cambridge, tomorrow, then fly back home to our miserable lives. Price is no object. Prefer to stay in Cambridge, but am willing to take a taxi for the right meal.

Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. If the menu appeals to you, Oleana. You'd need to get there early to get seated in the beautiful garden. You need a reservation.

    others will suggest Craigie on Main, Bondir, Bergamot, Evoo. None of these will make up for not being in an exotic foreign land....where are you from? what kinds of food do you like/miss?

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      As an "other", I will suggest Craigie on Main:
      The Chef's Whim used to be only Sundeay nights after nine when it was on Cragie St. , it looks like they offer it all the time now, still worth doing.

        1. re: dfan

          Thanks, couldn't see where to find it on their web site, but knew i'd seen it (It's under events and specials). Then that's my recommendation.

    2. Bondir would be my clear choice (if you are lucky enough to get a cancellation).

      1. Another vote for Oleana. We live in Cambridge and have young kids and only get out by ourselves once or twice a year (no exotic anniversary trips as there is no one who will watch all our kids for that long) when my parents come and visit and babysit one evening of their stay. Oleana has never disappointed us. Last time my folks visited we went to East by Northeast which was also wonderful.

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          Yes,oleana!: lovely outdoor spot, very unusual and special food. if you go, i highly rec the fatoosh w/ strawberries, the sultan's delight, the sesame dessert plate. ** no mixed drinks there** just fyi, whereas Craigie is known for a good bartender, in addition to the food. Bondir is absolutely tiny, and lovely/romantic/intimate; but the food philosophy there is about letting the raw ingredients speak for themselves, so not much spice or herb or alcohol/other liquids in the prep. Bergamot excellent, somewhat innovative food but small portions in general. Hope you'll let us know how it went!

        2. Love Oleana- never disappoints! Tonight would be gorgeous garden weather, too. They do not take reservations for the garden, so if you go early (like 10 mins BEFORE they open) and line up at the door, you will get a table. Otherwise I suspect you'll be out of luck. They do have cocktails, but they're all wine or champagne based, and quite delicious. No hard liquor.

          Craigie is also fantastic, but I would splurge on selections from the full menu for such a special dinner. Or the tasting menus.