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Jul 21, 2012 07:13 AM

"New York" meal for out of towners


I have friends coming to visit for a week from all over the world (no other Americans in the group). I want to take them out for a nice, "New York" meal. (We'll be doing cheap, but no less "New York" every other night.) I'm hoping for something where we can get a little dressed up, and enjoy ourselves in a nice atmosphere. A tasting menu would be fun, but not essential, as they are probably out of my price range.

4 people
trying to keep it to $50 per person not including tax, tip and alcohol.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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  1. It'll be really hard to do a tasting menu (5 or more courses) for $50pp. For that price range, you might be able to do Sunday Supper at Marc Forgione or Public, but I'm not sure either are really "New York"-y.

    Can you let us now what else is on the itinerary?

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    1. re: kathryn

      I think by "New York" I just want them to feel like they aren't in Kansas anymore (or Poland as the case may be). Just a chance to get a bit dressed up and have a good food.

      As for other meals, there are no reservation but there will be a lot of Indian, Thai, Mexican etc. Pretty much all the foods people can't get in their current locales.

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        Marc Forgione no longer serves the Sunday Supper prix fixe.

        Maialino offers a 5 course pasta tasting menu on Sundays for $55.

      2. not sure when this will occur, but David Burke Townhouse is participating in Restaurant Week. do you have a date set already?

        1. Riverpark may be a good choice. I was just there for a Restaurant Week dinner, but the regular menu is also well within your budget. Ask for a table by the windows, with the view of the East River, though they won't guarantee that. The inner part of the room is quite lovely too. The food is innovative and delicious, and the atmosphere is elegant, but not stuffy or overly formal.

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            I vote for the Dutch. I think you could keep it to $50 pp if you order carefully, and I think it has the "New York" ambiance you're going for. Plus it's great.

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              Riverpark is a great suggestion!