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Jul 20, 2012 08:40 PM

not so big dinnerware

Advice on where to purchase (online) dinnerware sets that are fairly petite? Maybe a large plate of 9"? 10-12 oz. mug?

Looking around most sets seem to be 11" for the large plate, and some of the mugs are 15 oz.! I currently have a set of rectangular plates from Japan that I love that are 10x7". It's a nice size for moderate portions.

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  1. Rather than a set, have you considered the flexibility of open stock available from a restaurant supply? I've used this place.

    1. 9" is the luncheon plate size in a lot of dinnerware sets that are also sold open stock.

      1. Hmmm... would like something a little more colorful than what's available on Hockenbergs, but thanks for the ideas.

        I may just end up getting a regular set and using the big plates as platters... but that leaves me with no dessert plates.

        1. Look into vintage dishware. Plates were smaller in the 40s-60s. All of our sets are vintage and new plates look enormous to me!

          1. Check out your local restaurant supply businesses. Most plates will be variations of white but, they may be able to bring in some of the fancier plates with artwork for the higher end places.