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San Francisco dinner with a dog and a 9 year old!?

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Hey Guys, been awhile since I posted.

My boyfriend and I are lugging his nine year old nephew and our puppy around San Francisco tomorrow. Our puppy is very well behaved, but of course, his presence means we will need to eat outdoors (always tricky and cold in the city). The nephew is a very picky eater, prefers Western (American, French, Italian) although he can handle some basic ethnic foods (Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican).

We'd ideally like to go to dinner in a place with some other interesting stuff to see our do. And of course... we really need good food!

So this is the criteria:
Saturday dinner
Outdoor dining (patio or sidewalk)
Picky eater accessible menu
Fun area
Good food!

What doesn't matter
Price doesn't particularly matter, but with these limitations, it's not going to be fancy :)
As long as it's in San Francisco, location doesn't matter either, but the nephew is being picked up to go back to Marin, so a not very long drive from the GG would get more points.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. Try calling Absinthe, Chapeau! or Tacolicious and see. They have outdoor seating at certain points of the day.

    Chapeau! doesn't meet the criteria for fun area but the others do.

    1. Park Chalet, The Ramp.

          1. Weather has been great the last few days in SF, no need to worry about it being too cold...