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Jul 20, 2012 03:34 PM

Good Brunch places in Dallas

Could you all suggest your favorite places for Brunch this Sunday, relatively close the Parkland Hospital area?

We are looking for a place to go after working on call through the night shift, so we will be in hospital attire, so if you could suggest more casual places where that would be acceptable and not look out of place among Sunday suits and heels.

Would appreciate places with specials on Bloody Mary's and Mimosas!

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  1. Should another such Sunday (or Saturday) arise, Monica Nueva Cocina & Mi Lounge would probably be a fit for you assuming a little lifestyle diversity isn't a problem - Cedar Springs, a few blocks south of Douglas.

    Brunch menu, with both breakfast and lunch selections are available until 5pm(?) Sat/Sun, when the dinner menu becomes available. Beautiful space - bright and modern - dining and lounge, patio and outdoor walkup bar. I had a take on eggs benedict that included a light as air biscuit, shredded chicken, poached eggs and a chorizo gravy - a little short on flavor, but I'd love to have brought a dozen of those biscuits home! My friend had the Mexico tacos - chicken and wonderfully flavored brisket, seasoned black beans and rice. It was all pretty good, but I'd experiment with other options next time. There were 5 or 6 cocktail specials, including Bloody Mary and Mimosa for 2.50 - don't remember the others, but they were in the $3/$4 range.

    For some reason, the "Brunch" menu isn't included on their website.