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Jul 20, 2012 03:21 PM

With this suffering heat, what do you find to be most satisfying for lunch and/or dinner?

With another year of record setting temps, it is getting more difficult to come up with something that will satisfy everyone. It's so hot to cook, and even though grilling is an option, I am not in the mood to eat after being in 108 degrees and the heat coming off the grill.
All I can think of is cold, cold, cold.....anything cold sounds refreshing. But how many salads can a person eat?
What are you doing to survive this heat wave?

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  1. I never tire of salads and find them infinite in variety. I cook grains in the rice cooker and have them on hand to mix with veggies, I also love cold soups, which for me are mostly pureed veggies and/or fruits.
    And,ice cream always makes a good summer dinner ;)

    1. I frequently find myself craving sushi during summer Gulf Coast humisery.

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        Sushi...definitely sushi.Frozen blueberries in yogurt with honey for dessert.

      2. Zaru Soba -- cold buckwheat noodles with a dipping sauce of katsuobushi (dried shaved bonito) and soy sauce. Lots of slivered roasted nori seaweed on top. Plus a dab of wasabi in the dipping sauce.

        1. Ceviche
          Tacos -- with grilled fish, cooled down, or shredded seasoned rotisserie chicken, chilled, with salsa and fixings
          Egg Salad
          Leftovers -- cold Chinese food, pizza, etc.

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          1. A recent visit to my father's house we decided, stupidly, to grill on a 95 degree day. Food was great, but sitting at the dining room table dripping sweat was not too enjoyable. The thought was not to use the oven or stove and heat the house, but damn. That being said, the next night, we went out, so reservations are always good, haha.

            On a serious note, the best choices recently have been
            Chicken Salad Sandwiches