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Best Cheeses from Trader Joes [moved from Los Angeles area board]

What are some of the tastiest cheeses to purchase from Trader Joe's? I'm building a cheese plate and need some suggestions. Already on my list: Smoked Gouda, English Cheddar with Caramelized Onions & Toscano Cheese with Black Pepper. Any others?

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    1. How about Manchego with apple slices, or if you can get some quince paste, that is delicious too.

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          Definitely second the Red Dragon. Cheese made with ale and whole grain mustard. It's been a big hit every time I put it on a cheese plate.

        2. Societe Roquefort and Le Delice des Bourgogne get my vote.

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            Ditto on Les Delice... especially with a touch of fig jam

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              I agree on the Délice de Bourgogne! I used to buy it at a local Cheese shop which went out of business, so I was happy to see it popping up at TJ, and much more reasonably priced too.

            2. I had some excellent imported gorgonzola, from Italy, creamy and tangy. Goes well with bubbly!

              1. I third the Le Delice rec. Also just tasted something I enjoyed at a winery but person pouring the wine didn't know exactly what kind it was as the labels were thrown out in the morning...later she found out it was Trader Joe's gouda. Texture was a bit creamier than smoked gouda and I am still not convinced it was gouda :) Will be going thru all of TJ's gouda selection...

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                  Forgot to add Castello triple cream blue cheese!

                2. I like the mini brie bites as well as the aged English cheddar. Their fresh mozzarella is pretty good good to.

                  1. The Canadian cheddar is quite good.

                    1. I like the low-fat cheeses, in particular the swiss/emmental.

                      1. Definitely Delice de Bourgogne. I'm also a big fan of the 1000 Day Gouda and the goat brie.

                        1. I love the English Cheddar with Caramelized Onion. The shredded 4-cheese blend is dood in recipes calling for shredded parmesan. I also like Dubliner, which is available everywhere.

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                          1. Love their triple cream brie. Great with fig jam.

                            Love their stilton with apricots, I've witnessed normally dignified folks sitting and picking up all the crumbs.

                            And their blue stilton is stinky good : )

                            1. St. Agur - not unique to TJs but a good price there and very good. I like the low fat feta and low fat Irish cheddar for low fat cheeses.

                              1. Just tried one named Unexpected and it is a wonderful cheddar with hints of grainy Parmesan. Love it!

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                                  The Unexpected Cheddar is great, as is the English Coastal Cheddar. Both are far better than cheddars costing 2-3x as much at 'fancy' supermarkets and cheese shops.

                                  The English Cheddar with Carmelized Onion is also good but very different--it may be too sweet for some!

                                  The various Toscano cheeses (I've had the Syrah and cinnamon ones,not the black pepper yet) are also incredibly good. And the Italian Truffle Cheese is killer, and was a big hit at a party a while back.

                                  I'll be buying 2 of the above today; just not sure which 2 yet...

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                                    Try the Cinnamon Toscano with the Raisin Rosemary crisps. So Delicious!!!

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                                      I haven't tried the English Coastal Cheddar but the Unexpected Cheddar reminds me more of Parmesan than Cheddar.

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                                        The Coastal is really tasty and the Unexpected Cheddar is made to be similar to a Parmesan if it's indeed the cheese I think it is.

                                  2. I'm kind of obsessed with the Cotswald Double Gloucester with onions and chives. It's heaven.

                                    1. Older thread... But, if you find yourself heading to TJ's for a cheese assortment pick up a couple of boxes of their Raisin Rosemary crackers. They go so well with every cheese.

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                                        They go GREAT with the honey goat cheese at TJ's!!

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                                          Oh yeah, schrutefarms, I could go for that right now!!

                                      2. Red hook or red fin cheddar. Great bite' has crystal of flavor and very crumbly

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                                          I think mine is called red fox but is addictingly delicious!