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Jul 20, 2012 03:03 PM

Hip, fun restaurant for three suburban moms coming into city on a Thursday night

Looking for a restaurant where we can have dinner or small plates and that has a vibrant bar scene for afterwards. Along the lines of beauty and Essex but not Tao or buddakhan. Preference is below 23rd street but would consider above.

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  1. Maybe Kittichai at the Thompson Hotel in Soho. The bar is in the hotel part and is pretty vibrant.
    Stanton Social, but it's not beautiful inside. Megu is really nice, The bar is good, and if it's not vibrant enough ,there are other places nearby. Since I'm not sure of how vibrant you want it ,,, I'll add these,
    The rooftop bar at Gansvoort ( you can eat at Pastis and after dinner cross the Street ). The Standard.

    1. A friend who was working at fashion week took me to a new place on the Bowery call WiseMen. it is a great place with a hip cool NY vibe. There is no signage, just a vintage photo mural of 5 Asian ladies. Look for the water valve door pull. A nice interesting crowd of downtown and brooklyn hipsters as well as fashion professionals. Small menus of simple food meant for sharing with killer cocktails. i tried both the Vesper and the Rob Roy both excellently done. This is a place with real people. no pretense, no velvet ropes. maybe a bit of the 50 shades of grey vibe, if you are into that :)

      1. Crispo's for great Italian at 14th bet. 7 & 8.
        Active bar scene.