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Modern bistrots in Lille?

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The forum to date has rather scant input on Lille. Any recent visits/finds?

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  1. l was at L'Huiterie a few years back in the old town, believe a Michelin *. Had a lovely lunch at a gigantic table just for me. The fact they charged more for Chateldun than any restaurant l have visited in world, including Japan, was a bad mark for them, however.

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      I'm also interested to hear of any "modern bistro" here. We will be in Lille for lunch on a Sunday in a few weeks. I'm also wondering if there is any recent report on l'Huiterie, which last I saw is now demoted to three forks and spoons. And we are considering mangeur's rec, here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/866193.

      PS: And I'm thinking of this, the oyster bar: http://www.lefooding.com/restaurant/r...