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Jul 20, 2012 12:38 PM

Best "plain" grilled chicken sandwich

Family with fans of bland food are visiting. I'm looking for suggestions of places where they can get a plain grilled chicken sandwich. Where do you go for a delicious basic grilled chicken sandwich in boston, cambridge, somerville, arlington, watertown?

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  1. I think it may qualify as fast food but I love the grilled chicken sandwiches at B. Good (specifically the El Guapo, but it isn't very bland).

    1. if you do'nt mind providing your own bread, i would recommend getting some boneless fried chicken from Cafe Mami in Porter Exchange (prepared to order) or their sister restaurant Pikaichi on Brighton ave.

      1. Emma's. Order the chicken pagnotelle and hold the roasted tomatoes, mozzarella and bacon. The BLT is wonderful, too.

        Redbones has an uber-plain chicken sandwich but can't vouch for its deliciousness. Still, that's a good room for kids, and menu has lots that appeals to picky eaters: babybacks, nachos, sliders, mac & cheese, excellent onion strings, decent fries. Also, hot dogs and chicken fingers on kids's menu.

        1. The Cambridge Coffee & Pizza Shop across from the King School specializes in marinated chicken breast sandwiches. I haven't been in around 6 years and things may have changed, but they were fairly tasty. They are done on the griddle.

          Greek Corner restaurant in Cambridge is another idea, but not as plain.

          BTW, if you want something along those lines which is somewhat of a local item you could take them for Turkey Tips somewhere, whether in a sandwich or a plate. If you want a sandwich, Bob's food in Medford might be a good option not far from your general area. Bob's probably has a charbroiled chicken breast, but I can't say I have ever had it. For a plate, the East Side Bar and Grill does nice steak tips so you might see if they offer turkey... or make a trip to Newbridge.

          For a not so plain sandwich, you can get a "x-frango" at Pastelaria Vitoria Broadway in Somerville, which can come with an egg, bacon or ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, corn, potato sticks, etc. There are a few options on how to order it (and any sandwich there can be ordered with a burger patty, chicken (frango/file de peito), or beef (bife or "file").

          I assume they aren't into pork for beef, but if they were a "prego no pao" (beef) or "bifana" are served at local Portuguese restaurants and are simple marinated meats griddled or grilled quickly served on a portuguese roll. JJ's and Neighborhood in Somerville offer them (the latter not a brunch), as well as Portugalia and the Snack Bar in Cambridge.