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Jul 20, 2012 11:17 AM

Nachos With the White Cheese.....where can I get them!!!???

In the southern states......not counting FL .....most Mexican restaurants serve their Nachos with shredded chicken and drenched in the White Queso like's kind of thin like its cut with milk or cream. SOOOO Yummy......but I can't find a Mexican restaurant that does it this way in Fort Lauderdale/ South Florida.......anyone know who DOES??????

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  1. The Azteca chain does their "queso dip" with that white chese, but minus the chicken. I got that as takeout last week and used the leftovers over poached eggs the next day :)

    1. Would anyone know exactly what kind of Mexican cheese is used? Yes, it is quite a bit thinner than any American cheese when heated. Would it be queso quesadilla or maybe even asadero?

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        I think it's Queso or White American.

        1. re: Kitty450

          Monterrey Jack possibly as well. But MJ and standard white American cheese just don't melt thin like that though. I tried melting white American cheese and thinning with milk before but that never blended properly.

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            well... I don't really want to make it....just eat it I do in Georgia and North Carolina Mexican restaurants