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Jul 20, 2012 10:55 AM


I'm celebrating one of those special anniversaries (ending in a "0") and have an equally special bottle of wine that I'd like to enjoy with dinner. I'd appreciate CHs recommendations for romantic restaurants favoring the Glendale/Pasadena side of town, with great menus (in the $120 for 2 for food range), featuring California, Continental, Italian cuisine and favorable or no corkage. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Colori Kitchen, DTLA. My favorite italian in the city.

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    1. re: ns1

      As much as I enjoy the food at Colori Kitchen do you think it meets the "romantic" requirement as requested by the OP?

      1. re: Servorg

        definitely not. sorry didn't see the "romantic" requirement.

    2. Thinking DTLA as ns1 did, the locational suggestion is a good one, and Cafe Pinot would qualify for price and romantic, or at least romantic enough, especially on the patio, weather permitting.
      Perch at 5th & Hill could also work, with a view from on-high, though not sure of the corkage issue.
      Houston's in Pasadena, if you feel it is romantic enough.

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          We had a beautiful dinner outside at Cafe Pinot about a month ago. No corkage and they were gracious about serving our wine.

        2. your best shot at getting "favorable" or "no" corkage from any successful, high-end, restaurant is to go to one at which you are a regular.

          management at such places usually have no incentive to extend such courtesies to every joe who walks in.
          they may allow wine to be brought in, but they are not likely to charge less than $20 to $25 for corkage.

          lower-end, and struggling places often are more lenient.

          1. Have you been to Blair's in Silver Lake? It would be worth considering given the particular parameters of your post:

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              Here's a listing of restaurant corkage fees/policies:


              What do you consider favorable? For me, anything $20 or under is pretty reasonable.

              Cliff's Edge ($15 corkage fee, new chef has been getting good reviews, and it's a romantic space) might fit the bill. I haven't been but that's probably where I'd go given your criteria.

              1. re: bg90027

                Thanks for the list bg! It's a great help and I agree that $15 for the Edge is quite reasonable. You've helped me make my decision.

            2. Papilles. Free corkage if wine is French:

              If it's biodynamic though, he might ask you to taste a pour.

              It's sorta romantic (look past the big ass freon hose), and it's SORTA close to Glendale. As close to Glendale as DTLA is to Glendale, I suppose. And you'll get out for WAY, WAY under $120 for 2, even if you request the foie gras torchon.

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                Wonder if foie is still on the menu or not (post ban)?