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Jul 20, 2012 09:05 AM

Chelsea - W. 30th - Reasonbale bu good food

Hi all. I would really appreciate it if you could suggest a few good places to eat in Chelsea near W. 30th. We are from out of town and really do not know the area. Preferablly in walking distance and in the $10 to $20 pp range. We will be dining out on Sunday.


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  1. West 30th St. extends 1.25 miles from 5th Avenue to 12th Avenue. It would be helpful if you were more specific about where on West 30th St. you'll be. Also, is the price range you indicate what you hope to pay all in (including tax and tip)?

      1. re: thegforceny

        Did you not see the o.p.'s budget? Do you really think she can eat at Junoon, The NoMad, or Trestle on Tenth for $10-$20pp. (presuming that's for food only)? Co. would probably work. I've not been to the others you list, so I'm not familiar with their pricing.

        1. re: RGR

          I wouldn't recommend Frying Pan in that price range either. You are looking more deli/bar food range for that price.

          Hale & Hearty between 29th & 30th on 7th is a good stand-by for soups/salads.
          Salumeria Biellese on 29th & 8th makes excellent hot dishes and sandwiches (not sure about their hours on Sunday).
          There's a Brother Jimmy's on 31st & 8th for totally average BBQ.
          Whole Foods on 24th & 7th for....well, Whole Foods (I'm sure you can spend $20/person in a hurry).
          Finally, you may want to check out Rare at the Chelsea Hilton on 26th & 7th. Might be at the top of your price range (or just over), but the burgers are decent.

          1. re: RGR

            Also Mexicue right next to Hale & Hearty. There is a 5 Guys there as well.

            1. re: RGR

              Oops! I did not. Thanks for pointing that out. Deleted post.

            2. re: thegforceny

              Sorry about that. I have only had the pleasure of visitng the city 3x before this. We will be at West 30th between 8th & 9th Ave. As far as our budget, I was just looking for the main course to cost between $10 to $20 per person. I know it will be extra for drinks, tip and the like.

              I appreciate any suggestions.

              1. re: anamlgrl

                That's not exactly a culinary mecca, but there are some decent options in your price range within walking distance. If you walk south on Ninth Ave, you'll find Company for really good upscale pizza, Txikito for Basque region tapas, and what used to be called Grand Sichuan (I forget the new name) for good Chinese, all on the block between 25th and 24th Streets. The Breslin (hearty gastropub fare) and John Dory (oyster bar and seafood) are in the Ace Hotel, at 29th and B'way, which also is walkable. (Note that all of these suggestions would be at the higher end of your price range.)