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Jul 20, 2012 08:58 AM

2012 Opening Cermony party

Considering having a last minute 2012 Olympics Opening ceremony party.

Looking for vegetarian suggestions that fit the London theme. Having a bit of trouble as I really don't do the faux meat thing, especially for guests.

I haven't decided if it will be a main meal, just desserts, tea etc. since I am running a bit short on British ideas. Just throw anything that you can think of at me and it will be appreciated!

Just FYI that curry is out - I love it, but, if I do the party unfortunately those to be invited aren't fans.


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  1. Neat!! What about some little sandwiches that would go with tea? Like cucumber and cream cheese, for instance? Then you could have some scones. :)

    I'm no expert on British or British-themed food, though.

    1. Trifle of course!

      Also, I made the following dish not long ago & was quite good. Use farro or barley (less quantity though) as red rice is not something that comes by easily. And how is this English you say? Well, the respected author is a resident of London :-)

      ps. too bad about Indian food. Really though? Not even samosas? I love the frozen *mini* cocktail samosas (Deep brand)available at the Indian grocer.

      1. what about a plowman's lunch? Apples, cheese, pickles, chutney, pickled onions, hearty whole grain rolls? you can arrange each item in a ring to make the Olympic rings. And serve with delicious sudsy warm ale.

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