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Jul 20, 2012 07:46 AM

Non-smoking, Inexpensive, Non-chain, Southern/Nashville Food with Easy/Free Parking in Nashville

Is it impossible to find? I'm visiting Nashville next week (during the week). I'm looking for dinner options that are inexpensive (preferrably less than $10 per entree, will consider up to $15), non-smoking, non-chain local Nashville restaurants. Every recommendation I've read here is either too expensive, not open for dinner (or close too early at 8 PM), allows smoking, or in the downtown area where parking is hard/not free.

We already have Loveless Cafe planned for one night but need dinner for another night. I was considering Puckett's but it looks like parking will be an issue and it's also towards the top of my price range (husband said it was too expensive).

Any inputs will be highly appreciated.

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  1. FYI....all restaurants in Tennessee are now non smoking. The one exception is a bar or tavern with an adults only, (over 21) that sells some food.

    1. It's true, a lot of the meat&three places are lunch only. Finding entrees under $10 for dinner can be a bit of a challenge in Nashville. Your best bet in that price range are ethnic places, as is the case in many cities.

      If you want to try Puckett's, use to look for nearby parking. No, it's not going to be free, but if you plan on doing the honky-tonk thing then you can just park in one spot for the night.

      There's also Monell's but it's probably out of your low price range. One option to consider would be BBQ. There are Nashville BBQ naysayers here but I can recommend two: B&C (in the Melrose area on Franklin Pike), which is in a strip with a grocery store; parking is no problem. The other is Edley's on 12th Ave South. This is a popular area but the restaurant does have parking behind the building; otherwise just look for street parking. Both have southern sides beyond just cole slaw & potato salad.

      Another option is to look for the increasingly-popular food trucks. A lot of then serve lunch AND dinner. A few are Southern, others are not, but are generally inexpensive.

      1. Tons of options! 12 South Tap Room, Pharmacy Burger, Village Pub & Beer Garden, Batter'd and Fried, Mas Tacos Por Favor, Bailey & Cato Family Restaurant, The Silly Goose to name a few. There is also a vibrant Vietnamese culture in town, which if your looking for inexpensive yet awesome, it's a cool way to go. Two of my favorites (Kien Giang and Miss Saigon) are in the same shopping area and offer massive amounts of parking.


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          I would suggest Swett's for southern food and under $10.

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            Except for Bailey & Cato, none of those are particularly southern. The suggestion below for Swett's is good, though.