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Jul 20, 2012 07:37 AM

Best Beer Bars in Portland (and other can't miss places!)

Hi everyone,

A group of friends and I will be coming to Portland in a few weeks and we would love to know where the best bars are to sample local craft beers that are harder to find on the East Coast. Based on some research, it looks like places such as Apex, Bailey's Taproom, Belmont Station, Green Dragon, Horse Brass Pub and Saraveza are popular, but if there are any others, we would definitely appreciate your insight (and opinions about those listed above). We only have 3 days in town to eat and drink so our time is somewhat limited! :)

I'll be searching around for some can't-miss restaurants and food carts as well, but if there are any you feel really strongly about, I would appreciate the info!

Thanks in advance everyone.

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  1. I'd add:

    - Hophouse (two locations, one on SE Hawthorne, one on NE 15th/Brazee) which has lots of local beers and good food

    -Roscoe's (some nice taps, decent food)

    -Cascade (makes some great sours, if you are into that)

    -Bazi Brasserie (lots of hard to find imports on draft - in case you are hopped/IPA'ed out ;o)

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