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Jul 20, 2012 07:32 AM

Hot Dog Bun ??

Looking for a great bun for my grilled Osseo Meats wiener, now where to go for the perfect bun ?

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  1. how big is the dog? I will echo my slider rec by saying go to salty tart in midtown global market. she makes the buns for butcher and the boar and sonora grill. Its a big bun, so if its a small dog, the ratio might be off...
    2nd rec would be the bakers wife on 42nd st and 28th ave in minneapolis. More of a traditional eggy bun IIRC....

    1. I would think Saint Agnes Baking would have an appropriate bun. I know some of their products are available at Mississippi Market Co-op and at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market.

      1. Von Hanson's Meats has great hot dog and hamburger buns. A little large but really tasty!

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        1. re: Timbo2

          Von Hanson's buns are good, but I wouldn't recommend them for anything smaller than a brat/polish, or you'll have a lot more bread than you want.

          1. re: BigE

            If you have a bun that is awesome in every way except that it's too long for your hot dog, spiral cut the dog. You get more carmelization that way (especially if you brush it with a little good BBQ sauce), and you can stretch it to fit any bun. Just stick a wooden skewer through the hot dog and use it as a blade stop as you spiral cut. Ideally each spiral section will be about the width of your little finger.

            1. re: shadowfax

              Stating the obvious here-

              That doesn't change the bun to dog ratio.

              1. re: ChillyDog

                It actually makes the per bite ratio worse, rather than just ripping a bit of the bun off.

                1. re: getgot211

                  Spiral cut, great idea I like it, and thanks for the bun recs, please keep them comming

                2. re: ChillyDog

                  Correcting the obvious: ;)

                  Spiral cutting the dog turns it into a spring, which can be stretched. and since the meat puffs up when grilled, you get plenty in every bite:


                3. re: shadowfax

                  The bun isn't necessarily too long...just WAY too much bread. I see them more as brat buns in every sense.

                  1. re: shadowfax

                    Makes for a much yummier hotdog, IMO. Much more flavour and a great technique.

              2. We have been getting the bread sticks from Breadsmith for a while now. Big enough for brats and sandwiches. Cut em in half for hot dogs. They are really good.

                1. You may think I'm crazy but I prefer a store bought cheap hot dog bun. The ones i like are called Village Hearth and they come uncut "for freshness." They are squishy white bread buns, which is perfect for hotdogs IMO.

                  I don't like to detract from the actual hot dog or sausage so I like a non-descript bun. I'm also from Chicago and like a steamed bun, which is typically soft and squishy. These buns are the best I've found here but may be a little small for thicker dogs or sausages. I use Hebrew Nats and I find them pretty damn perfect.

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                  1. re: tyrus

                    If you want the Chicago experience, Kowalski's and Lund's are both carrying Vienna Beef dogs and buns.

                    1. re: Jordan

                      Thanks for the tip but I hope I didn't come across as wanting a "Chicago" experience. I can get that pretty easily while visiting there or here at my house. While Vienna Beef has the trademark on the "Chicago style hot dog," so to speak, our household prefers Hebrew Nationals, grilled with grilled onions, ala the Wrigley Field kosher dog experience. I've noticed that Costco carries Rosen's buns (especially their poppyseed) which is also very popular in Chicago.

                      I guess what I'm saying more is that I don't like the bun jumping out to me when eating a hotdog / sausage. I like to think of it as a vehicle to enjoy the actual encased meat product. After the thousands of hot dogs I've probably eaten from fast food places, carts and ball games the squishy bun is what I prefer - not sweet, just plain, fresh, squishy white bread. When it's slightly stale, too big, too bready, or too crusty, I think it throws the whole sandwich off. Plus, when it's too much of those things it's also hard to enjoy a couple of dogs/sausages in one sitting because the bun fills you up more than you would like (not that I spend a lot of time thinking about this stuff - ha!). I'm glad to find the Village Hearth buns, which I believe are local to MN. This is the bun I prefer over any commercial product I've had anywhere.

                      1. re: tyrus

                        I'm agree 100% that store bought buns (non-bakery) have always been great for me. In fact, I use the exact Village Hearth ones you referenced.

                        1. re: tyrus

                          Where can I find Village Hearth buns? Rainbow? Cub? Other?

                          1. re: soccermom13

                            Should be able to find them at any grocery store. I get mine at Cub.