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Jul 20, 2012 07:15 AM

recs for Lunch between Brentwood and Santa Barbara

***This request is for lunch on Tuesday Aug 14th***

My parents are visiting LA, and as my step-dad has cousins in Santa Barbara and we're planning on meeting somewhere in the middle for LUNCH.

The cousins suggested Brent's Deli in Thousand Oaks. I've heard good things about it, however my mom isn't too much into deli food so I'm trying to find other options. I recall from a search I did for restaurants in TO when I organized an event there several months ago that there were a dearth of decent choices that were non-chain, non-Mexican, non-sushi...

MY IDEA--I thought it might be fun to go to one of two places in West Malibu:
--Paradise Cove (my parents have never been there, not sure about the cousins--this is of course more about the location than the food, but it's a nice place to take out-of-towners)
--The Sunset Restaurant (I think they only serve lunch on Fridays, though, so we may not be able to go there unless we change our plans from lunch to dinner since we're going on a Tuesday)

I have heard of Neptune's Net but know nothing about it other than it is somewhere "far" in Malibu--any thoughts on that?

ALSO -- this lunch doesn't have to be in Thousand Oaks (nor Malibu). Just somewhere reasonably "in between" SB and Brentwood. My mom was even saying to me "Hey, what is there in Oxnard?" (I didn't know the answer, thus my asking here!)

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  1. If you mom might be up for something a bit outside the "mainstream" (is she at all a chowhound?) then check this out (and look at the reviews section of their website below) for "Moqueca" Brazilian food on the inner harbor at Channel Islands harbor.

    Previous CH review:

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    1. re: Servorg

      Wow--that looks REALLY good. My mom would probably be fine with Brazilian as she's a bit of a CH (though she's def not on these boards, LOL).

      Plus, my step-dad actually speaks some (Brazilian) Portuguese (he used to have to travel to South America a lot for work).

      Hopefully my mom and the cousins will say yes to this! (If not, I am going to be looking for an excuse to go there some other time!)

      1. re: sablouwho

        Where did you finally end up eating and how was it?

        1. re: Servorg

          Moqueca! Yay! Turned out that not all of us were able to make it so my step-dad went alone to meet his cousins from Santa Barbara in Oxnard, unfortunately my mom and I had to stay behind in LA due to unforseen circumstances.

          HOWEVER -- my step-dad LOVED it. So did his Santa Barbara cousins, who had never heard of it nor been there before...and now they are very glad to know about it!

          YAY! And THANK YOU!

          1. re: sablouwho

            Glad to hear it worked out and thanks for your reply. Maybe you'll make it the next time too...

            1. re: Servorg

              Oh, indeed, there is already talk about a return visit in the near future for me and the Santa Barbara cousins to meet there! :)

    2. Agree the Brazilian place sounds great. We didn't know about it last week and need up at Brophy Bros. at the Ventura marina. The seafood is excellent and nice patio overlooking the harbor. There is also one in Santa Barbara but if you want to meet 1/2 way....